Get to Know How School Wi-Fi Can Track Your Browser History? Crucial Points to Know!!

Get to Know How School Wi-Fi Can Track Your Browser History? Crucial Points to Know!!

Aug 23, 2019

The modern world is anyway running on the web, today in every field, use of the web has become essential and necessary.

Whether it is MNCs or educational institutes, the use of the internet is constant in every realm. WiFi is an essential and usual way to access the internet through the WiFi.

Through the WiFi you can easily access the internet service in these organization but have you ever wondered about your privacy

In this article, we are providing you necessary information regarding that if you are using school WiFi, then whether they can track your browser history or not.

If you are eager to know the necessary details regarding it, then you can continue reading this article as we are providing a deep insight into the working of WiFi in schools.

WiFi view history- what is tracked easily?

You need to know that apart from the IP address of your phone but do you know that it can track much other information as well. The network admin of the WiFi is enabled to see the many of the details some of them are enlisted below:


The router admin can easily know the timing when you have surfed through the school WiFi see what you search at what time. So in this way, they have a complete check on the network of the WiFi. As the collective history timing is reported to the WiFi admin.

Websites and URLs

Well, if you are surfing something for the educational information, then it is okay. Still, if you are seeing or taking a look into something private or confidential, then WiFi is surely not an ideal option to go along with.

The WiFi settled at schools’ track history of searching well; it is done to refrain students from getting to sensitive sites.

track browser history

How long you visited a website?

The Schooling tracking system can easily know the timing along with the duration of yours visiting that specific website or URL and the page that you have surfed on the website. Simply it can be said that school tracks everything you do on WiFi network administrated by the schools.

Well, it would be a good choice for you to use private networks for surfing your private data to maintain your privacy.

The final verdict

In this article, we have provided you necessary information regarding the schools keeping track of your browser history. You can be surely considerate about the facts that we have enlisted in the above article.