Is it illegal to have blue headlights on your car?

Is it illegal to have blue headlights on your car?

Oct 24, 2019

When driving with your family at night on a highway road and where is nothing but dark.

You suddenly see a car heading towards yourself, and you get to see the strong lights that make you blinded; then, all you realize that car has high-intensity discharge lamps or HID due to which you were having a problem in seeing the vehicle coming from the front.

These high-intensity lights the blue colored lights are considered to be as harmful by dozens of motorists across the nation. In addition, these lights are not frustrating but also dangerous for you as these can make you blinded, and unfortunate incidents might take place.

Should blue lights be illegal?

Well, thousands of motorists take out their frustrations on these blue headlights and consider that these headlights color are illegal to use. In addition, due to the following reasons, these lights should be unlawful.

Make people blinded

As the intensity of these lights is highly blinding, so one should be going for the lights as in dark areas using these lights could make people coming from the opposite side go blind and unfortunate things might place.


Using these blue headlights is inconvenient, as stated by several motorists. The high-intensity light that it emits is completely inconvenient for others. Well, new cars come up these lights inbuilt in them, but surely, it is not a convenient choice for you either while driving.

Higher risk of accidents

Using blue headlights can make the person go blind and comes with a higher risk of accidents. Due to this primary reason, to have blue headlights on your car is illegal in multiple regions. This law is practiced in numerous regions to avoid the certainty of having accidents.

The points as mentioned earlier are the ones that allow you to be known of the several attributes why it is an optimal option to ban these high-intensity blue lights for yourself.

Wrapping up

Let us wrap this segment here as we have taken a look at the several essential aspects that what can be the repercussions of not banning these high intensity LED lights.

Well, you can be surely considerate about the several elements that carry a significant role in the safety of the motorists on the road.  So when you are willing to get blue headlights for your car, then you can be considerate about the details and repercussions mentioned above.